What you want + that is right = is happiness

It may sound crazy, but I have an equation for happiness. I have already shared this thought with some of my friends. I can’t say that they were convinced, but I can tell that from they’re face that I made a point. I believe that we only need two things to be happy: 1) Know what you want and 2) make sure that what you want is right.

It looks simple, yeah? Hardly. Putting the two fractions on the left side of the equation together is not a walk in the park. Knowing what you want, as I’ve always proclaimed, is not overnight epiphany. Some people spend their entire life trying, looking, searching for what they want and still can’t find it. It takes a lot of realizations, efforts, failures and pains to know what you really want in life. You don’t wake up one day and say “Hey, I’m gonna be a marine biologist”.

Some people, on the other hand, are too prideful to admit what they want (Hehehe, clue?). And as they watch a lifetime of happiness slips away, they wonder why the hell their life is so empty. It’s because knowing is not just being aware of what makes you happy. It’s about doing something. In fact, it’s more of taking chances, risking and experiencing the pain. Knowing how much a thing weigh is determined not by truth but rather by lifting and carrying it around. Hard times help us gauge how much we value things.

Add that to the ‘that is right’ part and this whole happiness thing becomes a pretty tall order. Here’s a harsh reality: most of us think base on what we feel. Most of us decide base on what we think. So if our feelings fool around, our ability to make just decisions become wobbly. Yeah, I know a lot of people (including myself) who would literally jump right to the next bus, 6’o clock in the morning just to be with the person he/she wants (Hahaha! Whoever you are I am so sorry. I can’t think of any other person that will solidify the point I am trying to make here). Feelings, for the most part, are the number one enemy of what is right. The sad part is the former often won. Our feelings complicate things. Complicated things complicate life.

So here’s a very good question: if happiness is such a needle in haystack to find, would the entire process of finding it defeats its purpose? I say, no. I say, hell no. We already have the proof. How does 1-hour of family meal ease the burden of an 8-hour grueling work? Why do 3-day vacation leave is all you need after months of endeavor? Why do last-minute closures are such a relief to dying people? Why does “And they live happily ever” is enough as a fulfilling ending to tragic novels? Millions of books were already written, thousands of movies were already made, and endless stories were already told: a flicker of happiness casts away an abyss of darkness.

This is for those people who think they’re lost. You are just doing fine. We are just doing fine. Steel up because even if our happiness is somewhere out there, it’s worth the wait.



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4 responses to “What you want + that is right = is happiness

  1. Jomags


    ouch! that hit me hard =P

  2. Joefort

    Which part? Hehehe….

  3. thresca

    We are doing ABSOLUTELY FINE. 🙂

    pero ang hirap ng number 1 ha..*grins*

  4. Joefort

    1? For me it's 2.. hehe.. joke.

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