My last day in my current job will be this February 2. Surprise, surprise. Yup, after three months of trial and struggle, I’ve finally decided to quit. And I’m quitting with no job waiting for me. Isn’t that a relief?

All this time, I feel that I have sacrificed more than I what I got. I regret the life I gave up in Subic. I regret that I threw away all the time for my friends and family in exchange for this high-paying job. I regret that I undervalued all of the relationships I have made from people around me. And for what? For a less fulfilling night-job where everyone feels like a drone worker haplessly racing with a deadline.

So this is me taking my life back. This is me getting in charge again of my life. I believe that it’s a must for every man to get a decent job but not at the cost of everything else in his life. Career is life’s entity not the other way around.

(Anyone who’s up to bum around the beach – Skipper 101, my newly-found paradise – feel free to tag along with me. We’ll be broke but we have our time. Isn’t life sweet? )

Update: Before that, sabi ni Emer me concert daw si Bamboo. I am so gonna be there.



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6 responses to “Pause

  1. aPpLe

    count me in! hehehe.. wish i can say that… sigh..

  2. Jomags

    Dre.. sabi nga sa kanta ng Switchfoot na ang pamagat ay The Setting Sun

    "It won't be long, I belong,
    Somewhere past this setting sun
    finally free, finally strong,
    Somewhere back where I belong"

    Ayun. Ewan. I'm out.

  3. Joefort

    Gone, like frank sinatra
    Like elvis and his mom
    Like al pichino’s cash nothing lasts in this life
    My highschool dreams are gone
    My childhood sweets are gone
    Life is a day that doesn’t last for long

    Life is more than money
    Time was never money
    Time was never cash,
    Life is still more than girls
    Life is more than hundred dollar bills
    And oh the town fills
    Life more than fame and rock and roll and thrills
    All the riches of the kings
    And up in wills we got information in the information age
    But do we know what life is
    Outside of our conveinent lexus cages

    She said he said live like no tomorrow
    Every moment that we borrow
    Brings us closer to the God who’s not short of cash
    Hey bono I’m glad you asked
    Life is still worth living, life is still worth living

  4. aPpLe

    basta pet… masasabi ko lang. "lomaban ka". LOL =D

  5. trixie

    Congrats Kuya!!! Count me in!! parang ako ang nauna dun ah.. 😀

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