For those people who say that sunset is more romantic than sunrise, I challenge you. Here’s a personal collection. Enjoy!



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6 responses to “Sunrise

  1. Jomags

    Hey! I did not know.. we agree on the same thing — Sunrise is more dashing and charming than sunset. Nice shot Jose 🙂


  2. thresca

    wait! let me explain! hehe..
    I've always viewed sunrise as something stronger than sunset. don't ask me what the heck is that, hehe.. it's just is.
    oh well, i'll always be a sunset person though, not because of the romaticism concept, it's.. just because. 😀

  3. mitch

    Ouch naman pump! I see myself as a sunset person. But that's okay.. it's still the same sun anyway.

  4. aPpLe

    well i haven't really asked myself before which one I prefer bec i think its bias since i witness sunset more often than sunrise. but just for the sake of this blog, hehehe… i think i like sunset more only because of what it does to the sky creating the shades of red and orange being more vibrant. with sunrise, i like the point where the sun appears like a huge egg yolk! hehehe…

  5. Joefort

    Ladies, the beauty of sunrise lies on the idea of watching the sun crawl slowly into the sky and literally light – and wake – everything up. I know the idea is cheesy but if you think about it, it's overwhelming. I see it as God way of saying "Let this day commence". And witnessing it – especially with someone, hehe – is such a romantic idea.

    Remember, dun sa City of Angels, every sunrise, all of the angels would gather to witness it. And they are silenced byt its beauty. They are rejuvinated. It's overwhelmingly beautiful.

  6. trixie

    Nothing is more beautiful than to witness a new spectacle of sunrise. It reminds you that you still have a new day to breath, laugh and enjoy life. 😀

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