missing the fab four

eraserheadsIt started yesterday. On my way home, I was looking for something different tune. These days, my Zune 80 (Yep, a proud owner) is pretty much tuned in to new artists. Since I was feeling that it’s the end of the world yesterday, I was desperately looking for something different. Something not new. Something timeless. Classic but not archaic. I have a huge library if MP3 so finding the perfect sound is a challenge. Then, it appeared in front of my eyes, in the midst of ‘E’ artists: Eraserheads.

I’m not a huge E’heads fan. I remember back in High school we did a mock-up poll on which band is cooler: Eraserheads or Rivermaya. The E’heads won though I chose the latter. Back then, not listening to them separate me from millions of E’heads lemmings. Plus, I’m a huge Bamboo fan. So this is really blasphemy on my part. Anyway, I started listening to their songs again. Good thing I have most of their albums in my music library. At first it was just some sort of relief, “Finally, something different”, I told myself. Then when my Zune played “Ang huling El Bimbo”, “Harana” and “Torpedo”, I started paying attention and singing along (Sidebar: for those pe

ople who laugh at me when they see me walking on the street singing like idiot, I can see you and I don’t give a damn!). I realized how I miss listening to these guys. And this time I can actually relate to their music. I don’t know maybe it’s my mood, but I’m actually digging them. 





Hypnotized by their songs, I figure out what makes this group so phenomenal. I think their music is straightforwardly good, period. It’s very easy relating to it. You don’t have to repeatedly listen to their songs, you just know that it’s good. Case in point: lyrics. They are profoundly honest. Most of them depict stories about every day Filipino life with sheer irony. “Field trip sa may pagawaan ng lapis ay katulad ng buhay natin” (Huwag mo ng Itanong, Cutterpillow) , How do you pull something like that? Or “Sana’y hindi nakita. Sana’y walang problema. Pagkat kulang ang dala kong pera” (Magasin, Circus), I say it’s one heck of writing skill! The same goes for tunes. Now, I am not a musician but I know how to identify good beat, and these guys will surely rock the house anytime. Lastly, I think they were one of the few bands that were able to innovate their craft, maintain their signature sound but never became monotonous. From ‘Ultraelectromagneticpop’ to ‘Carbon StereOxide’ (Actually their last album was “Please Transpose”, an EP, but Ely is no longer part of the group) there’s always that distinct E’heads tune.

It’s good having a dose of their music again. I kinda wish they’d do a comeback album or something. But it’s ok, MP3’s will do for now. Not only it snapped me out from a routine depression but it also brought back lots of good memories. I’m sure it will to you. To Ely, Marcus, Buddy and Raymond, thanks for the music. Keep rockin’!


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