I was watching CNET Buzz! Report when they featured on their “What’s clogging the tube” portion this hilarious website: I think you pretty much get what the site is all about. So far, here are some of my favorites (I’m not done yet):

Please tell me you will wear a bra.

I just saw the pictures after I wrote the email to you. How weird is that?
The dress-I love it! It looks really great on you. What will you wear for a bra? Please tell me you will wear a bra.It looks like maybe the straps are a tiny bit too long can you adjust them?
What do you think? Do you like it?

What kind of jewerly are you going to wear -and shoes-and bag?I know I am being such a mother right now but I feel so much better now that the you have a  dress to wear so now I can worry about the other things. I was really starting to panic about it. That’s Great -thanks for sending the pics. now I can go to sleep! Goodnight- Love you,



microsoft excel

How do I send the spreadsheet to someone else without sending the comments you made when you sent it to me?

Love Mum xxx



I just got 94 points on one scrabble word!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! the word was squishs



do you know her?


We had burglar alarmed fixed and are going to be using it.   Call me for code or get arrested entering



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