cardwheel madness!

Speaking of my phone, I got very excited yesterday about it. I have successfully reverted one of the features I like about it. I am using Samsung i600 (Blackjack I) with Windows Mobile 5.0 pre-installed in it. A friend who has the same phone told me that a free upgrade to Windows Mobile 6.0 is available, I just have to bring my phone to Samsung wireless center in Greenhills Virra mall. Of course anybody’s basic assumption would be upgrading a phone to a new operating system would mean additional functionality. But I was so frustrated when I found out that the Cardwheel home screen was gone! I googled around if this is really how it should then and I found out that the Cardwheel plug-in was lost during the upgrade. Ouch! I really love the Cardwheel because not only it looks cool its also very productive as a homescreen (see the video). I tried looking for a solution to add it back but I didn’t find any. So I just let it pass.

Fast-forward to yesterday, I was reading an article about Windows Mobile 6.1 which was release early this. This time, my phone is not entitled for an upgrade which really sucks because the UI of WinMo 6.1 is really nice. With iPhone getting all the buzz lately, Microsoft is playing catch-up where WinMo has been criticized a lot: UI. Anyway, So I got into this forum where a hacker was able to modify the WinMo 6.1 so that it can be installed on Blackjack phones. But the process is really scary that I can actually brick my phone if I did something wrong. But I was still curious. So I googled around for more, and to my surprise, I found a solution to my previous problem instead: how to get get back the cardwheel plug-in on my Blackjack. I found it on airfagev’s forum. Which led me here. Which finally pointed me to this chinese forum (look for a link that says “”). At first I was reluctant to download the installer since I don’t understand any of the post on the forum’s thread. But what the heck, worst thing that could happen here is me bringing my phone to the wireless center for a reinstallation. Moments later, I found myself installing the plug-in. After it was done, I quickly set my Home screen to “cardwheel” and then the system started to load plug-in. It worked! Wuuhuu! I quickly check for quirks but it works like a well-oiled machine. Smooth and snappy. Slick and very easy to use.

So if you’re a Samsung Blackjack owner, enjoy!



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3 responses to “cardwheel madness!

  1. ray

    I tried this install and all i get is a blank (white) homescreen. did you do anything special during the installation? what version of WM is on your phone. Any help is greatly appreciated. I have been trying to get the card wheel on my blackjack for a while, thought this was it, but seems as if i am still missing something.

  2. jhoeforth

    Hi Ray,

    My SGH-i600 is using WM6 upgraded from WM5. I didn’t do anything special at all. When you installed the .cab file, was it automatically selected? Mine wasn’t, I have enabled it via Settings > Display > Homescreen and chose ‘Card Wheel’.

    I don’t know if this will help but there should be an XML file on ‘\Application Data\Home’ named ‘carousel.home’

  3. the hass

    it never worked on my landscape samsung i320 either. i did everything u said. its probably coz my device is WM5?

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