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Since Microsoft have been unabashed for Zune updates lately, I can’t help but blog about it for more.

I personally don’t like the Zune software. Not because it’s a crude product – all in all it’s decent enough – but because I love Windows Media Player. My music library is already in WMP (I think WMP 11 is one MS’ great products that’s unappreciated). Yes, you can create a separate one for the Zune software but I don’t like it that way. I like one universal music library. I’m even thinking of setting up one of those NAS devices and place all of my media elements there.

But with Zune 2.5 update, I think the Zune SW has become a decent media player that I can actually use from time to time (hehe, WMP would still be my main player). There are some cool features that I really like. One of them is the wallpaper mode:


pretty neat, huh? Thanks to swtndspcy for sharing it on the forum.

OT: Below is the list of installed games and apps on my Zune and their respective links. All of them were installed without any problems except for the Zuneboard clock. If you’re deploying this using an XP computer, it will fail with a font error since it uses a font that’s present only in Vista (Segoe UI). You can either change the font or download the font. I deployed on my XP laptop and changed the font to Arial. But I’m having a kerning issue (the clock’s hands look pixelated so I’m gonna try and deploy it on my Vista desktop) :

Galactic Wars
Alien Aggressors
Tetris – a really nice version of the game.
– The ZuneBoard clock app
Rock Rain Zune

I’m also thinking of creating a game or app for Zune. It’d be cool to create and distribute it on the community. For more Zune games checkout Zuneboard’s thread on Zune games.


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