Selma Blair

During a break, me and my officemates were cracking our heads trying to figure out who was the actress that was in Hellboy and also starred in the chick flick movie “The Sweetest Thing”. The one who had a lockjaw while blowing someone (hahaha). At first, we thought she was Neve Campbell then later on realized that she wasn’t.

After the break, I immediately googled it and found out it’s Selma Blair.

Then one of my officemates told me: “Masaya ka na?

I replied, “Yes. It’s like scratching itch on your back. Hard to reach, but when you do, it’s just so comforting.

It’s official. I’m creepy.



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2 responses to “Selma Blair

  1. yhan

    hahaha! well, that was a relief for you. Am I right?haha I hope she’ll be excellent in Hellboy II: The Golden Army.

  2. Donna

    i remember that one night when i couldn’t sleep trying to remember who our first filipino saint was…. my connection was busted that time.. couldnt google it.. and all my sleep-monster friends wouldn’t reply to my sms… hah! those times….

    anywayz, i might watch hellboy II in pinas instead.. that’ll be grrrreat! (and economical. hahaha!)

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