crossed out: our very own maclaren’s

McGee’s Tavern & Grill, the bar in which Maclaren’s was based

So I finally crossed one out in my list. Last night, we hang out in our very own Maclaren’s, Woodman’s Head at Burgos St., Makati. Our initial impressions were great. The place is very Maclaren’s like: a very laid back pub, no loud music (there was an acoustic performance but still not too loud), good pub grub and of course, beer. The crowd is also great, we saw very diverse people just hanging around, talking and having a great time.

The cast @ Maclaren’s
The sucky part is I don’t have any picture because Emer forgot the camera, ugh. My phone was almost out of battery so I wasn’t able to use the camera also. I tried taking picture using Kiko’s phone but he download it out from his phone. The pits! But since I like the place a lot, I’ll be a mainstay there and will eventually take some pictures.


We finally managed to download the pictures from Kiko’s phone, here they are, the quality is not so good though:

20080711 (2)
Woodman’s Head along Burgos St. Makati
20080711 (3)
Me, Kiko and Emer
20080711 (5)
Kiko, Emer and Vicky
20080711 (4)
Inside the pub


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7 responses to “crossed out: our very own maclaren’s

  1. apple

    well… im not that impressed with the pics… but im so damn excited to see it!!! set the date! =D

  2. jhoeforth

    Hehehe, horayt! Let’s ask Kiko and Emer. Maksama kaya Jing? Andito naman na siya e.

    And we can ask Raul (Barney). Hehehehe.

  3. jomags

    prrrrrrffffffttttt!!! this Maclarens that is located in P.Burgos beside the Ringside (lady boxing bar) with…. ugh!

    made me and keko argue a lot. A LOT…

    he won. =P

  4. jhoeforth

    Hehe.. we’re good guys, Joan, don’t worry. Beer, food and talks lang kami dun (fingers crossed).


    Kiddin’. Minsan sama ka para ma-at ease ka sa lugar.

  5. apple

    love the place pet! how I wish I live or at least work nearby… till next time with the whole gang! =D

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