crossed out: spolarium

I crossed out another one in my list: see the spolarium (second on the list). Yesterday, me and my officemates toured our boss from New York around here in Manila and one of the itineraries was the National Museum.

Spolarium, itself, did not disappoint me. When we entered the room, it was majestically standing at the far end. With a dimension of 4m X 7m, it was overwhelming for the naked eye. It’s darker from what I saw on the net but the it’s very intricate.

146We were, however, forbidden to take pictures which really sucked. We surrendered our cameras on the deposit counter but since I have my phone I thought I could sneak in and take some pictures from it. But alas, we were followed by one of the staff so my plan barely worked. The picture on the left was the only picture of Spolarium I got. Ugh.


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