synth’ed: mt. pinatubo

I’ve been itching to blog something about Photosynth, Microsoft’s jaw-dropping, award-winning, photo stitching technology but I can’t find a good subject to test this baby. Finally, I realized my trip to Mt. Pinatubo would be the perfect subject. I made a couple of shots on the crater so I thought it’d be really cool to “stitch” these photos together and create a 3D replica of the place. By the way, I took this photo way before I discovered Photosynth, that means these photos are not “orchestrated” to initially work with it. These are random shots and we’ll see how really good the software is in relating these photos together and building, not just a panoramic view, but a 3D replica of the place. Here’s the final product:

(you need to install Photosynth’s plug-in for your browser. This is actually my biggest, if not the only, gripe here. MS should have implemented this using their Silverlight platform)

Update: WordPress does not allow iframe so that means the synth won’t be visible. Just follow the link above.


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