crossed out: la mesa eco park

Slowly, I am inching my way in crossing out all of the items in my list. This is my third item to cross out – here are the first and the second. Yesterday, since I’m pretty much unoccupied, we went to La Mesa Eco Park and and kill some time. We killed time alright, we blast every minute till we ran out of it.

It was a quickie, roughly just 2 hours, but we made every minute count! There are handful of fun activities that you can do there, but since we’re in nick of time, we made a little hands-on management: we prioritize. Boat riding was fun but can be little tiring and confusing at first. Rowing is not an easy chore! It’s more than just a physical activity, you need to think how you’ll paddle your way through the lake. And I thought I can leave my brain at home. The boat costs P100 for 30 minutes.

Fun slide was the highlight actually. Finally, some adrenaline for a slooow weak. It’s P100 per person which I think is a little pricey? Or am I just being tight on my wallet. Anyway, it’s really fun, you should try it. There are other stuff that you can do there like wall climbing, paint ball, etc.

Some of our pictures below:

DSC05894 DSC05901
DSC05920 DSC05931
DSC05938 DSC05922

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