There are some things that you don’t wish you’d use but you’re glad it’s there.

Yesterday my Windows 7 Beta expired, and me being a complete idiot was so excited installing the new build of the OS that I have completely forgot to back-up my 5-year collection of photos. The minute I realized my collection was gone, which I didn’t until the evening yesterday, I went like crazy. It all went blurry. All I can think about is I must have backed it up somewhere else. But of course, I haven’t.

And you know what’s the unbelievably stupid part is? (yes, deleting the pictures was not) I was able to save everything else, including a copy of ‘Kailangan Kita’, what the heck is wrong with me!

Seriously, I was really, really frustrated. It’s five years of my life gone because of my utter stupidity. Not to mention the efforts I made to organize, tag and edit this collection. Anyway, moving forward I know for a fact that deleted files – even formatted ones – can still be recovered using a software. I remember using a software called ‘File Scavenger’ before (yes, this is not the first time that I have ‘accidentally’ deleted some files). So there I was, I’ve spent the night scouring my hard drives looking for any trace of my photos, something that I never imagined doing. I recovered some of the pictures but not the entire collection. From the looks of it, it’s roughly 50% of the collection. Damn it. I’m gonna make a few more scans on my hard drives tonight and hoping that I’ll uncover more.

It’s gonna be a long night.



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6 responses to “deleted

  1. bee

    it will work bee..

  2. oh…. hopefully things will work out.

  3. jhoeforth

    Thanks bee, thanks jac.

    I just hope marecover ko pa nga lahat.

  4. eh yung mga porn natin bro? na save? yung ang i-priority mo!

  5. jhoeforth

    Hehe, gumaganun e no. (safe yun)

  6. Rom

    Hope the windows installation didn’t overwrite all the files. I’m sure you’ll be able to recover some if not everything. Good luck bro!

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