Re: Do I need a Zune HD right now?

zune-hd-black.jpgZunePH, one of my favorite blogs, made a very interesting blog entry about Zune HD. The blog entry, aptly titled “Do I need a Zune HD right now?” shares the author’s point/counterpoint in getting the Zune HD. Instead of making a comment on the blog I decided to dedicate an entire blog to it.

Here’s my take on that: High-end gadgets NEVER belong to need list. Case in point: there are thousands of cheap but functional phones out there but most people drool over smartphones. Even if the only thing they’ll need are the text and call feature. Another silly point here is that most advanced feature of a smartphone (albeit 90% of them) would require data plan for it to be truly functional – mobile internet. GPS, push email – but data plans are just too much for the masses. But that doesn’t stop people from getting an expensive phone. Another example are Portable Media Devices (PMP’s), Heck Sanza Clip alone could make Apple run for its money, it’s cheap and packed with features. But I don’t see it grabbing any market share from Apple.

The way I see it is there are handful of reasons why people haplessly fall for ridiculously priced gadgets. People just can’t get enough lust for high-end gadgets. Either spurred by their curiosity or their need for validation, we make gadgets a priority like it is one of our monthly bills. I can’t remember how many times I’ve been impulsive when it comes to buying gadgets. My iPod classic is a testament to that and no I will not tell it here, hehe. High-end gadgets are, in a way, a personal statement. Either we want to be differentiated from the crowd or we just want to show off what we can buy, is something high-end gadget can surely convey. I was long-time Nokia phone user but I wasn’t really happy. Until I learned about Windows Mobile phones where you could install apps, tweak it’s registry and even create your own software for the phone. When I got my hand on my first WinMo phone (O2 XDA mini), I told myself, “ok, this phone is my phone”. I figure it was the geek in me longing for the phone.

So I might not pre-order the Zune HD now or even order right after it’s release (September 15!) but I’m sure I will get it somehow, someday. I know I don’t need it but what the heck I can’t get enough of how sexy it is and it is one thing that will differentiate me from the millions of iPod lemmings out there!


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  1. Rom

    Honestly, I was waiting for what the iPod 3G will be like but after the press event of Apple. I decided that If ever I’ll buy a touch device again, I’ll give Zune HD a shot. (even if they don’t want our non-US made money)

    It’s just that this release of Zune HD has got that same feeling when the Zune 30 was launched. A gadget somewhat rebooted, new and full of promise again.

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