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zune hd’s tripit and flickr app (-ish)


It’s no secret that there’s an app shortage for Zune HD. Right now, there are only 15 high quality apps available for Zune HD and more will come. I know, I know I’m making it sound like there’s an awful amount of hope. Anyway, you can add two additional apps(-ish) on your Zune HD. These not really native apps, they’re web apps but they are good enough. Here’s how:


Point your web browser to, once logged immediately exit the browser by pressing the home button. On the main screen, your history should show a Flickr icon, press and hold that button until the context menu shows up. Select the ‘Pin to Quickplay’. Viola! You have your own Flickr app right on your main screen.


Follow the same steps like the Flickr app except this time point your browser to

The icon (favicon.ico) of the web app makes a lot of difference. With that, its nice to pin it on the main screen. Anyway, web apps can satiate your hunger for apps in Zune HD for the mean time. Here are other web apps that you can use on your Zune HD.

Digg –
Facebook –
Flickr –
Tripit –
Google Reader –
Gmail –
Windows Live Messenger – 
Yahoo Mail –
Yahoo Messenger –




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BenQ S6 MID, I want


I was  browsing when I came across to this device, the BenQ S6 MID. It’s a UMPC (Ultra Mobile PC) with a very slick UI. Now I’m not easily impressed by these devices (including netbooks and if they’re not running on Windows), but the S6 has a very refreshing look. BenQ has clear vision regarding its aesthetics and functionality.  Take a look at the specs:


Checkout the demo video here:


Here’s an early review from one of the owners:

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